How to market to consumers online when loyalty is difficult

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How-to-market-to-consumers-online-when-loyalty-is-difficultFor years, all we heard about was Generation Y and how we needed to market to them. Of course, it’s been about a decade now and a new generation has emerged, Generation Z, and like every generation before them, they are harder to market to. Retailers, especially online retailers much approach them differently to how other generations have been approached.

The difference between Generation Z and other generations that came before them is that Generation Z has greater access to mobile phones and the internet. That is the first problem.

With greater access to the internet and technology Generation Z has more choice at their disposal. If they don’t like the stock in one store, they can simply look online for another clothing store or electronics store. The possibilities are endless.

Increased choice also means that they can simply go to a new retailer if they don’t like what’s on offer.

Loyalty programs no longer work. There is so much choice available. Generation Z, despite their infatuation with social media, does not want to hand over their details to retailers to be mass marketed to. Traditional techniques don’t work. Basically, if it doesn’t make their life easier, or could complicate their life in any way then they don’t want to know about it.

Generation Z is heavily influenced by what their peers say. If a product has a bad review online then that is really hard for a retailer to come back from, even if they discount it to counteract the negative review. It poses a real challenge. Retailers, or any business for that matter, has always needed to work hard to maintain their customer base, however, when people can share their negative experience just as fast as it took place, retailers really need to work to keep their customers happy.

One bad review can undo months, or even years of hard work and this generation isn’t quick to forgive. Although they don’t place emphasis or value on loyalty, they do want to be able to trust their retailers. In an age when governments can’t be trusted that is even more important for Generation Z.

This behaviour has partially been shaped by the time in which they grew up. Unlike Generation Y, which grew up in a relatively good economic climate, Generation Z has grown up in a recession and it being much harder to obtain employment. These events mean they are less likely to part with their money than other generations. They want to know that what they’re buying is good value and that they will not end up worse off if they buy the product.

That could be through interactive promotions, similar to Pokemon Go! Many cafes, across the world, capitalised on the trend by offering Pokemon Hot Spots. They were seen as hip and cool and gained access to customers they otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Retailers need to think outside the square and be quick to respond to and anticipate the next trend.

At the moment the Olympics are on, so it would be worthwhile for online retailers to offer promotions related to the Olympics. Businesses need to keep up to date with what is going on in the world otherwise they’re going to be left behind and will be perceived as not knowing what they’re doing. Generation Z is less forgiving of that type of behaviour than other generations.

The biggest difference for retailers is that unlike previous generations, Generation Z is the first who truly has the world at their fingertips. They can literally access every single product in the world at the tap of a phone and know the best price, the most popular trend. No other generation before them has grown up like this.

In a nutshell, if you want to appeal to Generation Z you need to:
1 – Follow current trends.
2 – Tell the truth and be honest.
3 – Ensure that you have positive reviews. That means you will need a web presence. Basically, if you don’t have an online presence you might as well not exist. If you can’t be Googled then how will people know you’re legitimate?
4 – Don’t bother with loyalty programs. Generation Z doesn’t have the patience for them. They want convenience rather than annoying cards and other monitoring material.
5 – Offer value for money.

If you follow these tips then you are sure to win the hearts of Generation Z and successfully sell to them online or in a physical store.

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