Send Gifts Online- Busting 3 Online Shopping Misconceptions

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Whether you buy gifts online or send gifts online to your loved ones during special occasions, make sure you choose a reputed online store.

Do you enjoy online shopping? We all do! But when it comes to credit card problems, identity theft, lack of trust and quality, the charm of online shopping diminishes for many. There is no doubt that credit card fraud and identity theft issues have become common but if you are buying from a reputed online store and taking necessary precautions, online shopping will never be an issue.

Online shopping can be a lot of fun if you do it the right way. It not only eliminates the need to drive through the traffic and hop from one store to another for the perfect gift but also helps you save time and money. Whether you buy a birthday gift, anniversary gift or any gift online, in this article we will try to bust at least three misconceptions related to online shopping. These are some of the common misconceptions that stop people from enjoying the benefits of online shopping.

1> You will not be losing your money if you shop online. If you provide your credit card details to buy a pretty dress, no one will misuse the details and rob your credit limit. In case you bought a product from an online store, the money got deducted from your credit card but the item didn’t reach you, you need not panic. You just have to approach the online store and tell them what happened. At times, the money gets deducted but the buying procedure isn’t completed due to transactional errors. In such cases, the money gets automatically refunded to your credit card within 3-7 working days. But if you need confirmation, you can contact the credit card company or the store regarding more information on the refund.

2> If you are worried that your financial information is at risk if you shop online, think twice. Almost every reputed online store has a good secured payment gateway which ensures that your financial information is absolutely safe and secure. Online shopping sites neither handle your bank details or card details nor do they sell your personal information to others. Third-party credit card processing companies known as payment gateways handle every aspect of the payment process. A secure encrypted channel is used to carry out the payment procedure so that no one hacks or misuses your information. If some shopping sites store your email address or phone number it is because they want to provide better services to you in future.

3> Online shopping is not just for credit card owners. You can buy gifts online or send gifts online by using your debit card or net banking facility. Many websites even offer cash-on-delivery facility; however, you wouldn’t want to select this payment option if you are sending a gift to someone. Compared to using a credit card, online shopping from debit card is safer because you will be asked to enter additional passwords like OTP or grid numbers of your debit card to complete a transaction.