General Makeup Tips for All Occasions

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Most of the women in the present times just can not live without the use of the cosmetics. There are still other females who do not use much of it and try looking as natural as they can.

Here are some of the general makeup tips for the women of all the ages who really have a desire to accentuate their features.

1. While doing your makeup, be sure that there is sufficient light and that the mirror that you are using is clean.

2. The makeup that you wear during the summer season should be light. This is because the heavy foundation will melt away by the heat and will be drained away by the sweat from the skin.

3. It is very necessary to maintain the hygiene while doing the makeup, especially in the area in the vicinity of the eyes. For this, it is very important that you do not use the expired cosmetic products and do not share them with anybody.

4. The use of the face powder in the area of the cheeks and the jawbone in an appropriate amount can surely help your face look much slimmer.

5. In order to make the look of the nose smaller, apply the face powder along the sides of the nose. Adding a small amount of the powder or the shimmer cream along the bridge of the nose would also help.

6. You must frequently clean your makeup applicators and brushes in order to reduce the content of the oil and the bacteria.

7. Make use of an appropriate foundation that should match with your complexion. The foundation should be used with a sunscreen of SPF 15 in order to prevent the damage of the skin.

8. The eyeshadows can be brought into the use to give proper shape and accentuating the eyes.

9. Make use of the powder eyeshadows as much as possible as they tend to stay for a much longer time.

10. Do not get your eyebrows very thin as they look very unnatural. Besides this, they also make the eyes look much smaller.

11. Before sharpening your eye pencils, keep it in the freezer for a few minutes.

12. For the dark skinArticle Submission, make use of the bronzing face powder instead of the blush on the cheeks.

13. The use of the peach coloured blush gives a sun-kissed look to your face.

14. The lip liner that you use should match your lipstick.